Company Profile

GUERRA CONSULTING ARCHITECTS (GCA) is a professional Architecture, Planning, Interior Design and Construction Contract Administration firm. Since its establishment in 1987, the firm has been providing to the public and private sector professional consultancy services covering every aspect of planning, design and construction contract administration. GCA has been in continuous practice since then and has worked in a wide range of projects.

Since the establishment of the firm, GCA has undertaken architectural commissions for a variety of developments including housing projects, hurricane shelters, schools/universities, gymnasiums, auditoriums, hospitals, banks, credit unions, offices, hotels, sea food processing plants, service stations as well as a numerous amount of residential developments in the major towns of Belize. The practice has also undertaken architectural work for the World Bank, The Caribbean Development Bank, and European Community projects. Proposals for consulting services in connection with major architectural/engineering commissions have also been carried out in association with Beca Worley International Limited from New Zealand, MGE Architects and Calmaquip Engineering Corporation of Miami, Florida.

In association with MGE Architects and Calmaquip Engineering Corporation of Miami, Florida, construction contract management services were provided in connection with the expansion/renovation of several hospitals in Belize. GCA has also worked in association with architectural and engineering firms from Central America and Panama, and during the past 25 years has been providing architectural, construction contract administration and real estate appraisal services to the Bank of Nova Scotia. The firm has been working directly with the Real Estate Department in Toronto, Canada. Real estate appraisals have also been prepared for the Embassy of the United States in Belize and for the commercial banks.

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